Avoid these 12 Cancer-Causing Foods that are a part of your daily food

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Avoid these 12 Cancer-Causing Foods that are a part of your daily food
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Eating a balanced and maintaining healthy weight helps. Taking care of diet is important as it affects the cancer risk directly. In fact, obesity should also be prevented. Many people eat food without understanding that takes place within the body. Very few count the calories and possible chemicals.

Recently, it was diagnosed that diet causes cancer especially with processed and salt preserved foods. On the other hand, vegetables, fruits and fiber in foods surely help in reducing the cancer risks.

Carcinogens play a direct role in recruiting patients through food, tobacco, asbestos and plutonium, and spread cancer. Nevertheless, many innocuous-seeming food items are linked to a range of cancers such as processed meats. Here is a list for you to get a closer look at the supermarket items that are eaten by you every day and are cancer causing foods:

1. Canned Tomatoes
The canning process includes chemical BPA (biphenol-A) and it is believed to affect the brain and genes. In fact, fresh tomatoes are healthy helping in combatting cancer.

The canned tomatoes are dangerous as they are acidic and owing to this acidity it helps BPA to increase. Also avoid feeding canned tomatoes to young children, instead consider giving fresh tomatoes.

2. Soda Pop
The damaging effects are due to sugar is well known. People drinking soda in excess are at greater risk of type 2 diabetes and are prone to cancer development.

Soda causes weight gain as it provides no nutritional value and offers only empty calories on excess consumption. Soda has a chemical causing cancer, 4-methylimidazone, so stay away from soda altogether.

3. Farmed Salmon
Eating farmed fish is much healthier is believed, but actually it contains antibiotics and chemicals in the food it eats or is fed. The farmed salmon contains mercury, PCBs and dioxins, that are not healthy.

4. Processed Meats
Processed meat foods such as hot dogs, sausage, bacon and most lunch meats contain salt and chemicals in large amount. These processed meats packets have carcinogen and has preservatives and chemicals such as sodium nitrates, that keep the foods appear fresh, but are not safe.

5. Microwave Popcorn
Microwave popcorn is very convenient, but is filled with cancer-causing chemicals. The bags are coated with (PFOA) perfluorooctanoic acid, found in Teflon. This causes infertility in women, and PFOA increases the cancer risk, including cancer of the liver, testicles, kidneys, bladder and pancreas. The popcorn manufactures use propyl gallate, a preservative and use GMO corn kernels that is not organic. They are not useful for any prostate cancer treatment.

6. Potato Chips
Potato chips are the favorite of most people, though it is high in fat and calories. The potato chips contain trans fats in lots and this increases bad cholesterol that elevates your blood pressure. It is best to avoid potato chips so that the weight gain is avoided.
7. Hydrogenated Oils
Vegetable oils are altered chemically and made appealing, but it causes cancer. The vegetable oils have omega 6 fatty acids in lots, these contribute to heart disease and cause cancer. Eating omega 3 and 6 in balance helps, so increasing the consumption of omega 3 is best.

8. Salted, Smoked or Pickled foods
Foods get an appealing color due to nitrates that are used as preservatives. These nitrates on consuming turns into N-Nitroso composites increasing the cancer risk. Smoked foods such as fish and meat absorb smoke, again a carcinogen. Meats such as bacon, sausage and certain lunch meats have fat and sodium in lots. Eating these foods are prone to develop stomach and colorectal cancer.

9. Highly Processed White Flours
White flours are received after the grains are refined and so the nutrients get destroyed. Besides to get the white color, sufficient time should be allotted by the manufacturers, instead they speed the process using chlorine gas and this is dangerous if inhaled turning to be deadly. In fact, the while flour increases blood sugar and insulin, thus avoid the white flour.

10. Refined Sugars
Refined sugar is known to feed cancer cells as it grows faster. There is evidence that the cancer cells easily process refined sugar and spread. The processed foods such as cookies, cakes, juice, soda and pasta sauce contain refined sugar in lots adding to cancer rates.

11. Diet labels
Foods marketed as “diet” contain aspartame. these cause convulsions and cancer, but it also causes birth defects. In addition, the diet foods include refined ingredients, sodium in large and artificial flavors and colors. The food becomes tasty, but is not good for you. Thus, avoid these food types.

12. Non-Organic Fruits
Non-organic fruits may have harmful pesticides, such as thiodicarb, atrazine, organophosphates and high nitrogen fertilizers. atrazine is a weed killer. The non-organic foods grow faster and bigger when they are pumped with hormones and other chemicals. The pesticides on the fruits are toxic to pests, and having them means even you are not spared from this toxic.

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